What’s with the name 9Rains Technology?


Well, we started with the Christian Ichthys symbol to the left. Ichthus (ΙΧΘΥΣ, Greek for fish) can be read as an acrostic, a word formed from the first letters of several words. It compiles to “Jesus Christ, God’s son, savior”.

So, we took the first two letters “IX” (Jesus Christ) which is the Roman numeral nine.

Then, we changed the word “reigns” and made it “rains”. At first there was no real reason for this other than to make it easy for people to spell. However, if you think about it, God reigns over all and God, who is love, rains down on us each day.

The “technology” part of the name is more obvious, I guess. However, with the help of a local graphic designer, Nathan Engel, our logo conceptualizes Jesus Christ reigning over technology, which is one of the ways in which many people continually try to disprove God’s existence.

So, to make a long story longer, 9Rains Technology, is a declaration that Jesus Christ Reigns Over Technology.

One thought on “About

  1. I love your “About”.
    I happened on your website as a System’s Analyst who works primarily with JDE E1 910 researching an issue. Also, I should add that you live in a very cool place for an IT guy! I have kayaked in Montana and Idaho (& Panama) with Land Heflin of Tarkio Kayaking in Missoula. You are blessed! But then so am I! : )

    Our God reigns!

    Greg Weddle
    Lake Orion, MI

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