Sideways Dictionary – Technology Explained Simply


Tech terminology is famous for complicated accronyms and odd sounding names. It is full of words and concepts that most people either don’t want to know or have no basis to even remotely understand. However, with more and more technology issues in the news lately (email servers, encryption, DDOS attacks, honeypots, doxing, etc.), it’s probably a good idea to have some semblance of what people are talking about. It also helps to know what you are talking about when discussing current events around the water cooler… Wait. Do they still have those?

Anyway, the brainiacs from Alphabet’s (Google’s holding company) Jigsaw project and The Washington Post have developed a great tool to help us. It is called the Sideways Dictionary and it is used to better explain complex technology terms using simple analogies to which everyone can relate.

Dark Web —

It’s like the rest of the iceberg.

As vast as it may appear, the internet is the tip of a much bigger iceberg that extends beneath the surface.

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